Indie Dyer

The word Yama is layered with meaning from different mythologies and languages..some rather dark, but in Japanese it means “Mountain”.

My name is Madeleine and I am a graphic designer turned indie yarn dyer living just outside of Cape Town on the western side of the South Peninsula, in South Africa. I draw most of my creative inspiration from my environment and am totally fascinated by “fynbos”, a unique kind of shrubland or heathland vegetation that makes up 80 per cent of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Since the first batch of skeins I dyed in September 2017, Yama is still a one-woman operation handling everything related to the business myself. I dye small batches of unique yet very wearable colourways including semi-solids with lots of depth as well as richly layered variegated colours. Yarn is dyed, washed and rinsed using harvested rain water. 


My yarn bases are proudly sourced locally - here is why:

“South Africa has developed an excellent reputation over many decades for top quality wool that’s well-classed, not contaminated with foreign materials and fibres, and is produced in an environmentally friendly way. Sheep welfare is a high priority on our farms and is strongly supported by a Code of Best Practice developed by the industry for the industry. For example, wool in South Africa is produced from sheep that are not mulesed – a surgical procedure that prevents flystrike. SA sheep are plain-bodied, resulting from decades of selection and breeding.”



Thank you for stopping by my store, I hope you will find a colourway that speaks to you..and I would love to see what you knit, crochet, weave or create! Pease tag me on Instagram or get in touch on Ravelry.


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